Der mobile Konsument

Kundenverhalten und Motive zur Nutzung mobile Technologien

Der mobile Konsument

Analyse des Kundenverhaltens und der Motive zur Nutzung mobile Technologien.

We recently surveyed 12,424 mobile consumers across 17 countries to gain a deeper understanding of the global trends impacting mobile user behavior in the finance, telecommunications, retail, consumer products, and utilities industries. The resulting reports provide vital data to help you formulate and build your mobile strategy.

  • Learn about the top mobile transactional activities and how they’re expected to evolve in the future
  • Understand the key barriers that must be overcome to accelerate mobile commerce adoption
  • Discover the top mobile services that consumers most want companies to provide
  • Gain deeper insight into how to market to developing vs. mature mobile economies

Quelle: SAP

Die globale Auswertung der Studie „The Mobile Consumer: Insight on the global trends that impact mobile consumer behavior“ sowie weitere regionale Auswertungen können hier heruntergeladen werden.

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