Digitales Marketing 2013

Aktuelle Trends im digitalen Marketing 2013

Digital Marketing 2013

Konsumenten sind immer mehr „online“. Damit verschwimmen zunehmend auch die Grenzen und Schnittstellen zwischen stationären und mobilen Zugriffen.

“With smartphones and tablets becoming more powerful, our data clearly indicates the difference between mobile and traditional desktop usage further enabling the ‘always on’ consumer mentality. Marketers need to understand these differences, as well as regionally, to ensure campaigns can be tailored for better and more effective engagement.” said Bill Tancer, General Manager Global Research, Experian.

In today’s world, life is the channel. As consumers seamlessly navigate between devices throughout their day, marketers must put their customers at the center of everything in order to provide relevant and personalized experiences that empower meaningful connections.

The 2013 Digital Marketer Report contains actionable data and consumer insights across key marketing channels, including email, display advertising, mobile, search and social media – all designed to shape an integrated customer experience and help you be truly customer obsessed. This comprehensive resource also includes the trends, predictive benchmark data and analytical insight needed to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment.

Quelle: Experian

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