Mit der interaktiven Tabletberatung spürbar erfolgreicher in der Kundenberatung

Erwartungen von Bankkunden ernst nehmen

Banken und Sparkassen müssen Kundenbedarf und Kundenerwartungen kennen

What's Critical in the Global Banking Vertical

Die Banken stehen vor gewaltigen Herausforderungen in Bezug auf die Rückgewinnung des Vertrauens ihrer Kunden. Dazu ist es wichtig, die zentralen Erwartungen und Bedarfe zu kennen.


The latest report in the „Critical in the Vertical“ series showcases research from more than 1,200 consumers and delves into the needs, expectations, and pain points of banking’s retail market. It also includes insight from over 120 senior-level marketers from around the globe, who outline where and how banks should invest, communicate, and address consumer concerns. As customers are struggling to make ends meet, they are scrutinizing every bill, statement, and new offer for ways to save, potential errors in billing, and explanations for the growing list of fees they are paying each month. Banks must be quick to address these points of pain before customers consolidate accounts and take advantage of competitors with better rates or rewards.

Quelle: CMO

Der Report „What’s Critical in the Global Banking Vertical“ kann hier kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.


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