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Verhalten von Bankkunden in der Schweiz

Shopping for Financial Products in Switzerland

Verhalten von Bankkunden in der Schweiz

Google Studie zum Auswahl- und Kaufverhalten schweizerischer Bankkunden.


This study will help you understand more about how consumers in Switzerland use various information sources, including the internet, when making finance purchases.

Key findings:

  • Offline contracting is the prevailing purchase method in the finance vertical. However, online contracting is established as well and particularly strong for shares, health and travel insurances
  • The internet is a popular channel for processing banking transactions with 8 out of 10 Swiss onliners using online banking
  • Online research prior to purchase is relevant for all analysed products


Quelle: Google Insights

Die Studie „Shopping for Financial Products in Switzerland” kann hier als PDF oder PPT heruntergeladen werden.

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